What's a good Windows alternative to the 5K iMac?

Episode 1400 (52:08)

Rob from Vacaville, CA
Microsoft Surface Studio

Rob wants to replace his 5K iMac with a Windows desktop. He loves the hardware, but he's just not a fan of macOS. Leo says that if he wants flexibility with his hardware, then Windows is a far better option. Leo says that he doesn't have to get rid of the iMac if he likes that hardware, he can just run Windows on it through Boot Camp. He'll just need to buy a copy of Windows 10. Another option is to run Windows virtually inside the Mac interface using something like VMWare. But if he prefers Windows alone, then Boot Camp is his best path.

Will he have access to all the data from the Mac partition? Leo says that the Mac partition won't be seen by Windows because it's a different file system, but he could make a third FAT partition and put the data there.

If he replaced it, what would he get? The Microsoft Surface Studio? Leo says that he uses the Surface Studio, but it isn't all that powerful. It has a very nice touch screen, though, and he could get a stylus to use with it. He can make the screen drop down so it's level with the desk to make it easier as well. It's a 3K x 2K screen and it's pretty pricey for the power it offers.