Petya is the Latest Ransomware Scam

Episode 1400 (06:11)

Petya is the latest ransomware hitting millions of computers around the world. Most infected computers are in the Ukraine, where "patient zero" is believed to be. From there it branched out to Russia, Poland, Italy and Germany. It takes advantage of the same flaws in Windows 10 that WannaCry did. Fortunately, it hasn't really hit the U.S. yet, but we'll see more infections as time goes on. Our CIA intelligence service discovered it and didn't say anything because it could use it to spy on others. The irony is, that while ransomware, very few people are paying up, choosing to have their data wiped instead, but the hackers says it's more about disruption, and they've already caused the shipping giant Mersk to be dead in the water for several days. Leo says it won't be long because our power grid gets hit.