Can I rip Blu-rays legally?

Episode 1400 (1:26:27)

Bob from Pasadena, CA

Bob has Apple TV and wonders if there's any reason to get Chromecast. Leo says if he already has one, he doesn't need the other. He can get just about everything on the Apple TV now that Amazon Prime is coming to it. The one downside, though, is that Apple TV is only 1080p, but Leo suspects an upgraded next gen Apple TV will have it.

How can he rip his Blu-ray DVDs? Leo says that Blu-rays are very difficult to crack because of encryption keys that can't be unlocked using software in the US. But RedFox (formerly Slysoft) has an app called AnyDVDHD that can do it. Bob should understand that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the movie industry prevents him from legally doing it. But Leo says that ethically if he buys the Blu-ray, he should have the right to do it. If he just wants the movie, he can rip them using HandBrake and VLC, but he'll need a Blu-ray drive to do it.