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Episode 1400 July 1, 2017

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Steve from Riverside, CA Comments

Steve is in the process of digitizing everything and backing it up. Now he needs to consider backup options. Leo says the first thing he should do is make sure his data is encrypted. Windows 10 Pro offers BitLocker, which uses full disk encryption that unencrypts when he logs into his Windows account. He should be careful not to lose his password or certificates. He should back those up and keep them in a safe place.

For backup, it's difficult to recover lost encrypted data, as disk recovery applications tend to fail. So adopting a 3-2-1 backup strategy is essential: Three backups, two different formats, one off site. He should make sure the backup system is also encrypted, especially the one that's off site. One way to do off site is use network attached storage, then have a duplicate NAS off site to sync up with. Leo recommends Synology for that. It's not cheap, though, so if he's on a budget, Carbonite is a good secure option. He could also look into iCloud from Apple or DropBox. Steve should remember that off site backup services have the keys to his data and will give them to government upon request.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

Watch Ed from Lisle, IL Comments

Ed is transferring his domain to another host but he can't change his email, which is part of the original domain host URL. Leo says that some domain registrars offer email privacy features. Leo says he's going to have to call the original host and tell them he wants access to his domain and email so he can transfer it. Clearly they're making it more difficult than it needs to be.

GoDaddy will help him since they have a vested interest in his business moving forward. If the host holds him up, he can file a complaint to ICANN here.

Watch Eric from Hutchinson, KS Comments

Eric wants to burn CDs and print a playlist for it as well. Leo says that Media Monkey has the option to print out a hard copy of his playlist. He can do it by creating a report: File > Create Report > Print. He can also make CD/DVD covers as well.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Rob from Vacaville, CA Comments

Rob wants to replace his 5K iMac with a Windows desktop. He loves the hardware, but he's just not a fan of macOS. Leo says that if he wants flexibility with his hardware, then Windows is a far better option. Leo says that he doesn't have to get rid of the iMac if he likes that hardware, he can just run Windows on it through Boot Camp. He'll just need to buy a copy of Windows 10. Another option is to run Windows virtually inside the Mac interface using something like VMWare. But if he prefers Windows alone, then Boot Camp is his best path.

Will he have access to all the data from the Mac partition? Leo says that the Mac partition won't be seen by Windows because it's a different file system, but he could make a third FAT partition and put the data there.

If he replaced it, what would he get? The Microsoft Surface Studio? Leo says that he uses the Surface Studio, but it isn't all that powerful. It has a very nice touch screen, though, and he could get a stylus to use with it. He can make the screen drop down so it's level with the desk to make it easier as well. It's a 3K x 2K screen and it's pretty pricey for the power it offers.

Watch Carlos from San Bernadino, CA Comments

Carlos has an LG G6 Android phone and he also has an old Samsung plasma TV. Can he use DLNA to cast to it? Leo says that he can't do it natively, but he can plug in a Google Chromecast to the HDMI port and it will work to cast from his phone to the TV itself via the Google Home app. It works really well and it's very easy to setup. Most apps will do it.

Another option is Miracast through his Windows machine if he has movies there, but it doesn't work very well. Chromecast works much better.

Watch Dave from Paris, CA Comments

Dave wants to improve the video streaming on his computer. Will an updated video capture card work for that? Leo says no. It really comes down to his internet connection speed. The GPU doesn't even come into the mix, as it's just blasted onto the screen. So the only way to improve the streaming is to improve his bandwidth. That means he'll have to pay for faster internet.

Watch Cheryl from Lodi, CA Comments

Cheryl wants to be able to keep track of her elderly mother with a security camera. What's the best? Leo says that Nest is a good one, as is Foscam.

She may also want to consider an Amazon Echo. It has a drop-in feature, which functions like an intercom, and she'd be able to check in whenever she wants. The Echo Show has a video camera so she could drop-in and see her too. The Amazon Echo Dot is just $49, while the Echo Show with video camera is $229.99.

Watch Bob from Pasadena, CA Comments

Bob has Apple TV and wonders if there's any reason to get Chromecast. Leo says if he already has one, he doesn't need the other. He can get just about everything on the Apple TV now that Amazon Prime is coming to it. The one downside, though, is that Apple TV is only 1080p, but Leo suspects an upgraded next gen Apple TV will have it.

How can he rip his Blu-ray DVDs? Leo says that Blu-rays are very difficult to crack because of encryption keys that can't be unlocked using software in the US. But RedFox (formerly Slysoft) has an app called AnyDVDHD that can do it. Bob should understand that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the movie industry prevents him from legally doing it. But Leo says that ethically if he buys the Blu-ray, he should have the right to do it. If he just wants the movie, he can rip them using HandBrake and VLC, but he'll need a Blu-ray drive to do it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Karen from Smith Center, KS Comments

Karen wants to know how to make her TV sound better, especially for vocals, which are hard to hear. Leo says that vocals are mixed to be part of the center channel and if she don't have a home theater system, it can be a common problem. Leo recommends getting a sound bar. Vizio makes a good affordable one. She should also get one with a subwoofer. Then she'll have the ability to hear the center channel better and can even turn up the center channel alone to help with dialog.

Watch Steve from Portland, OR Comments

Steve's church wants to do an online streaming broadcast. What's a good affordable option? Leo says that Livestream will stream via Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Livestream also has the Mevo, which is a camera that connects to the internet and streams directly to Facebook and YouTube. Since it has a 4k camera, Steve could get four different shots out of one camera by zooming in on different parts of the image.

Another option is Switcher Studio, which would allow him to use up to 10 iPhones.

Watch George from Abeline, TX Comments

George wants to run Cat6 cable in his house, but it's difficult with the home design to do it. So he thought of using the coax cable and MoCA adapters to do it. Leo says that's a good idea, but it can get expensive since he'll have to buy a Moca adapter for each room and it's not as fast as Cat6. It's kind of like Powerline networking.

Watch Aaron from Illinois Comments

Aaron is looking for an alternative to Skype for voice over IP (VOIP) calling. Is Google Hangouts a good idea? Leo says that Hangouts is a good option, but Google hasn't been giving it much attention to it as of late and may kill it. Aaron can look into Viber, Tango, Line, and even Facebook Messenger. Aaron should remember that anything he uses will require everyone else to use that service as well.

A more sophisticated option is Linphone. It's a SIP program that would allow him do to a lot more than Skype and make VOIP calls and group chats. It works quite well and the sound quality is up there with the best.

Watch David from Pasadena, CA Comments

David wants a good Wi-Fi home printer. Leo says that Epson makes a great color printer. Brother makes a good laser printer that's very inexpensive. Those are the two top choices for Leo.

He also has an Apple TV and wants to know if he'll have to upgrade his Apple TV to get Amazon Prime. Leo says no, it's just an app and it will appear in a firmware update or he can download it.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Keith from Billings, MT Comments

How can Keith convert cassettes to MP3s? Leo says that the easiest way is to connect his audio out to his computer using a minijack cable. He may end up getting some noise with that, though. Crosley and ION Audio make cassette players that have a MP3 converter, saving it to a thumb drive.