What computer should I buy my daughter for school?

Episode 1399 (1:08:30)

Wendy from Los Angeles, CA
Apple MacBook

Wendy's daughter is going to college and she wants to get her a MacBook for school. She went to the Apple Store and they're trying to convince her to buy an iPad instead. Leo says that's Apple's new marketing strategy because they want to stop making computers in favor or mobile devices. But the fact is, we're not where they say we are, especially for college.

Leo suggests getting her a MacBook. It's the thinnest and lightest that they've ever made and they're great for college. If she has to buy a Windows laptop, she should get a Dell XPS with touch screen and at least 8GB of RAM. The HP EliteBook and Lenovo ThinkPad's are also very good. But ultimately, Leo says to go with the MacBook. She should also look at it in comparison to the MacBook Air, which has a little larger screen, but lower resolution.