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Watch Alan from Santa Rosa Comments

Alan is going to travel and is getting a Sony RX10. Leo says that the RX10 is a great point and shoot camera because it has a huge 1" sensor and large lens that can go wide angle. It's ideal for international travel.

Watch Miciel from Fallbrook, CA Comments

Miciel wants to know if he can replace the screen in the iPhone 6 Plus. Leo says that Apple makes it really hard to change parts in the iPhone now and Apple will disable the touch ID fingerprint reader if he does. They want to do it because that's the only way to maintain the secure chain of custody of his fingerprint.

If he wants to try it, Leo recommends They not only show how to fix it, but they can sell him the parts and tools to do so. That's why a dozen states are trying to pass right to repair laws and Apple is fighting in every state.

Watch James from San Francisco, CA Comments

James is looking to get a Chromebook, but he's thinking that as a musician, he may need a Windows machine. Are there online ways around it? Leo says that there are online resources to record audio. Leo says that Chromebooks are great for most people, but it may not be for everything he does. Leo says that before he buys, he should try using nothing but the Chrome browser exclusively for a few days and see if there's extensions that can do what he wants. Leo's guessing that for recording music, the Chromebook may be lacking and he would need a full OS like Windows. Leo cautions against getting a really cheap Windows machine, though. He should spend as much as he can to get the best quality laptop he can. There's definitely good options for under $500, but he shouldn't go too cheap.

New Chromebooks support the Android Google Play Store, and there's some very good apps that may work for James' needs. Auphonic Edit is one. It records audio and then moves the recording to a server.

The chatroom shared an article from with the best music software for Chromebooks. There's also this page at with more suggestions.

Watch Jasper from Denmark Comments

Jasper is having a hard time connecting his OnePlus phone to Wi-Fi, and the apps time out. Leo says that if it only happens at home, it may not be his phone. He should go connect to a different Wi-Fi hotspot and see if it's happening. If it connects OK, then it may be that his router is having trouble with his phone. Sometimes that happens and it requires a reboot of the router. Leo also says how he holds his phone can also affect how it receives a signal on the OnePlus. That may or may not be contributing to it. It could also be time for a new router, as they tend to get unreliable over time.

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Watch Stacey from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Stacey would like to get a dash cam for her car after a recent accident. Her brother is also an Uber driver. Are there dash cams that record both forward and rear? Leo says yes. It's a huge category and there are plenty to choose from. Leo has been told that Garmin's dash cams are top notch. but they are only forward facing. That chatroom recommends BlackVue, which also records to a mobile device.

Watch Buzz from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Buzz is having a problem with 2 factor authentication on Apple's Mail app. He is able to input his password, but it won't take it. Leo says that Apple should create an authenticator program that can be used to verify user identity that can then be texted to him. That way, he's protected. If he's having trouble with it, Apple is really the only one that can solve the issue. It may be that his password has been changed and he forgot.

Watch Wendy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Wendy's daughter is going to college and she wants to get her a MacBook for school. She went to the Apple Store and they're trying to convince her to buy an iPad instead. Leo says that's Apple's new marketing strategy because they want to stop making computers in favor or mobile devices. But the fact is, we're not where they say we are, especially for college.

Leo suggests getting her a MacBook. It's the thinnest and lightest that they've ever made and they're great for college. If she has to buy a Windows laptop, she should get a Dell XPS with touch screen and at least 8GB of RAM. The HP EliteBook and Lenovo ThinkPad's are also very good. But ultimately, Leo says to go with the MacBook. She should also look at it in comparison to the MacBook Air, which has a little larger screen, but lower resolution.

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Watch Paul from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Paul wants to cut the cable and he wants to know if Sling TV plus an antenna for local channels is a good way to go. Leo says yes, but he may not need the antenna because Sling offers local channels as well. What about a DVR? Three makers offer over-the-air DVR service. TiVo, ChannelMaster, and the Silicon Dust HD HomeRun. Leo's worried about the TIVO since it was sold recently, though. He can also create his own DVR with Plex and an old PC. But ChannelMaster is very popular.

Watch Naomi from Denver, CO Comments

Naomi bought a Google Pixel as her first smartphone. It takes great pictures, but she couldn't make a phone call unless she cleared the cache and rebooted. It was very frustrating. Leo says that there's clearly something wrong with Naomi's phone since it shouldn't do that. She can't get any help except through the online chat feature. She also got the wrong replacement phone. Leo says she'll have to go to where she bought it and have them replace it with the right model. Only the place she bought it can fix it.

Watch Benny from Pasadena, CA Comments

Benny wants to be able to work on his documents no matter where he's at. How can he set that up? Leo says that Benny's already ahead of the game using Gmail. That also means he has access to Google Docs. He can also check everything from his laptop on his mobile phone and desktop.

Watch Stuart from Beverly Hills, CA Comments

Stuart has a home business and wants to know the best backup option for him. Leo says that Windows 10 has backup software built in and it works well, but he's not thrilled with the backup being in a big blob of a file that he'd have to unfurl to see. Another option is to make a disc image that he can restore instantly. Imaging options include:

Watch Arthur from Maine Comments

Arthur is into underwater photography and he wants to get a sports action camera. Leo says that an action camera like a GoPro is small and has a serious wide angle. If he wants a camera that can get him stills as well, Leo likes the Olympus Tough TG5. Ricoh makes a similar camera. They're very versatile for doing double duty like action shots underwater and just grabbing your favorite still shot.