What's a good loud Bluetooth speaker?

Episode 1398 (13:14)

Julie from Moorpark, CA
Doss SoundBox

Julie needs an external Bluetooth speaker for events that she sponsors. Leo says she can get a Fugoo Speaker, which is great for mobile outdoor activity, but it's not that loud for large group events.

Doss makes the SoundBox, and it's pretty cheap for $33. Leo says it can really project loud sound. Bose makes one called the SoundLink that's pretty loud and he likes it, but it's pretty expensive.

Scott Wilkinson says that there's a link over at BaseheadSpeakers.com for the top ten loudest bluetooth Speakers. VaVaVoom is their top vote getter.

Scott also says if she can, she should place several of the SoundBoxes in the round so that everyone can hear. At $33 a piece, that would be the best bet.