What is the best way to set up my new computer?

Episode 1398 (1:27:45)

Rob from Lake Forest, CA
Laptop hard drive

Erick is having issues with his Dell laptop batteries swelling and causing a bulge in his laptop. So Dell replaced not only the battery, but the entire laptop. Could it happen again? Leo says that all manufacturers have had issues with swelling batteries, but it's unlikely that it will happen again. If it does, it's in their interest to replace it because after swelling of a battery comes catching fire and explosions.

How should he best set up this new laptop? Leo says the first thing he should do is uninstall any trial ware. If he doesn't use it, he should get rid of it. Especially any antivirus software. But he needs to be careful, because there may be some proprietary stuff by Dell that's required. Then, he should make an image of the hard drive so that if something happens, he can recover right away. He can use a USB key for this.

Imaging options include: