How can I extend the battery life of the iPhone 7?

Episode 1397 (1:16:58)

Rob from New Jersey
Mophie Juice Pack Air

Rob's daughter has an iPhone 7 and she needs more battery life to get her through the day. Jason says that a case that has an extended battery built in is a good option. What does MFI mean? Jason says that MFI stands for Made for iPhone — certified products that work with the iPhone. Mophie is a very popular brand, and their Juice Pack Air is their current model. It would make the phone heavier and bigger, but it will work. Apple also makes their own battery case, called the iPhone 7 Smart Case, but most choose the Mophie.

Jason says the case makes the most sense, but he's also a believer in the backup batteries because they give you more flexibility, multiple charges, and don't weigh down the phone in your hand. And you can use them with more than just the iPhone. Rob should check out Anker, but The WireCutter prefers the Jackery Bolt.

Rob's wife also has an iPad that has filled up, and she wants to backup all the images that are on it. They use eDrive, but it's on an old iOS and he's been told he'll lose his photos if he upgrades the iOS. He wants to know if Google Photos will backup the folders or just the photos. Jason says that Google Photos will only copy the photos, not the albums. Jason recommends syncing it to the Mac or PC first, and then he can manually upload each folder with the photos in it.