Will I be able to bring my laptop to Europe?

Episode 1395 (34:15)

Sara from Studio City, CA
Microsoft Excel on iOS

Sara is a painter and is traveling to Florence, Italy to showcase some of her art. She's worried she may not be able to bring her laptop back when she returns, though. Leo says that policy hasn't been decided yet on airlines from Europe. But it could, and if so, she'll have to check her laptop in her bag. Or she could ship it back. She will be able to return with it, just not in the main cabin.

Leo says if she has a tablet or iPhone, she could use that instead, and Excel runs quite well on iOS.

Sara also wants to know how to digitize slides. She bought a scanner and it's just poor quality. Leo says to get a specific slide scanner. Epson makes an inexpensive model.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)