Why do I always have to log in with my Mac?

Episode 1395 (1:41:02)

Henry from Riverside, CA
Apple MacBook Pro

Henry is annoyed with Apple and its latest MacBook Pro. He's not a fan of the touch bar. He's also annoyed that Apple hasn't updated the MacBook Air. Leo says it's because the MacBook Air is too thin for a Retina display. But in reality, the MacBooks are nearly as thin now.

Henry is also annoyed that he's going to have to use 2 factor authentication for everything. Leo says that a big gripe he has with Apple is that it asks you to sign in over and over. It's annoying. They ask for passwords way too often. Steve Gibson says it's usually triggered by a security risk though, and that means that they are logging you out of everything to make you log in manually. It sure is annoying, though. That's why Leo uses a Lenovo Windows laptop with a fingerprint reader now.