When is the new iPhone coming out?

Episode 1395 (1:25:15)

Nancy from Corona, CA
Apple iPhone and AirPods

Nancy wants to know what the new iPhone will be like and when it will be out. Leo says the iPhone 7s is what is due. It's also the 10th anniversary for the iPhone, so Leo suspects that there will be three new iPhones including the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and then a higher end iPhone which have an edge to edge screen. It will also likely be more expensive.

Will they bring the headphone jack back? Leo says no. The headphone jack is gone forever and it's a very consumer adverse move — nobody likes it. We're stuck without it now. When will the new phones come out? Probably in the fall, either September or October. Exactly when it will come out and what it will have, nobody really knows.