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Episode 1395 June 11, 2017

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Carlos from Jersey City, CA Comments

Carlos is getting a popup telling him he's been hacked. He's got OS X Lion on his Mac. Leo says that there's a new thing called "ScareWare" which makes people think they have been hacked or have a virus and it won't let them exit the browser until they call a number. But in reality, it's just a popup that's designed to scare people into calling so that they can convince them to install a remote app that will allow the to do something to "fix" it.

Leo says he's probably OK. If he really wants to be safe, he can disconnect from the internet and then reboot. He should go to his browser and see if it pops up. He should also look for things he doesn't recognize in his browser extensions and delete them. There could also be a plug in.

This is why Leo recommends people use a Chromebook. Samsung makes a good one for around $500, but there are decent ones for $200 as well.

Watch Gloria from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Gloria uses Windows 7 and she's confused whether she uses Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials. Leo says that for Windows 7, she'll need Security Essentials. But it was renamed to Windows Defender for Windows 10. She can get Microsoft Security Essentials at to download it. Gloria also has an older computer with XP, and Java keeps popping up requiring updates. Leo says that Microsoft doesn't support XP anymore, so it's dangerous to use it online. It's fine otherwise, and it shouldn't bother her if it isn't connected to the net. In fact, she should just uninstall Java altogether. It's another massive security hole. Or, if she needs Java for other things, then she should just go into the browser settings and disable the Java plugin.

Watch Sara from Studio City, CA Comments

Sara is a painter and is traveling to Florence, Italy to showcase some of her art. She's worried she may not be able to bring her laptop back when she returns, though. Leo says that policy hasn't been decided yet on airlines from Europe. But it could, and if so, she'll have to check her laptop in her bag. Or she could ship it back. She will be able to return with it, just not in the main cabin.

Leo says if she has a tablet or iPhone, she could use that instead, and Excel runs quite well on iOS.

Sara also wants to know how to digitize slides. She bought a scanner and it's just poor quality. Leo says to get a specific slide scanner. Epson makes an inexpensive model.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Bob from Vista, CA Comments

Bob keeps getting a bounce back notice when he sends an email to a friend, but the return address is from someone he doesn't know. Leo suspects that the autocomplete feature of Bob's email program is adding the address because it was from a previous email that included it. But the original email address may have added a filter to forward it to a friend and it's bouncing not only from Bob's friend, but also to Bob. In that case, there's nothing Bob can do but ask his friend to fix it.

Watch Alan from Laporte, CO Comments

Alan would like a special ring tone on his phone when someone is calling his Ring Central number with an emergency. How can he do that? Leo says that he can set up a rule on Ring Central and then on his Android phone to create an emergency ringtone.

Watch Barry from San Diego, CA Comments

Barry wants to know if he has to update his iPhone's OS. He's worried the update could brick his phone. Leo says that's always possible with updates, but the benefit of having the latest OS outweighs the slight risk that it could hurt the phone. He should always update because there are security patches and critical updates that are a must. Sometimes there's a bad update, but it's really rare, especially in the iPhone. There's new features in iOS 10 that make the phone run smoother as well.

Watch Joe from Florida Comments

Joe wants to get a larger format 8x10 Dye Sub printer. Leo says that they are a speciality product that are very popular with photographers. Being a speciality product, it's a challenge to find one that fits his spec needs and is at a consumer based price. It's possible that Epson could have one.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Frank from Tullahoma, TN Comments

Frank is frustrated because his Windows 10 screen is unreadable. It's frustrating because the white background and the blue letters make it difficult to read. Leo says that in the Accessibility settings of Windows 10 there is a high contrast mode which he can turn on and off by holding down the left "Shift," "Alt," and "Print Screen" keys. He can also choose to turn it on permanently in the settings.

Image: Cryptic C62; article: Wikipedia authors, see history of w:Boldering (screenshot) [CC BY-SA 3.0, GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Nancy from Corona, CA Comments

Nancy wants to know what the new iPhone will be like and when it will be out. Leo says the iPhone 7s is what is due. It's also the 10th anniversary for the iPhone, so Leo suspects that there will be three new iPhones including the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and then a higher end iPhone which have an edge to edge screen. It will also likely be more expensive.

Will they bring the headphone jack back? Leo says no. The headphone jack is gone forever and it's a very consumer adverse move — nobody likes it. We're stuck without it now. When will the new phones come out? Probably in the fall, either September or October. Exactly when it will come out and what it will have, nobody really knows.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Theresa from Long Beach, CA Comments

Sandy is a photographer and she's looking to get a Sony RX100 mk. 5. Leo says that the RX100 is a great camera with a 1" sensor for great low light performance.

Leo also likes the Panasonic Lumix LX10. It has the same 1" sensor with 24-72 and f2.8-4 zoom. It also shoots in Raw. It's less expensive, too. Leo bought it for his trip to South America. Check out this review from

Watch Ralph from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Ralph's pastor wants a camera to use to post videos and teach at church. Leo says that most point and shoot cameras take great video, but what he'll want to be sure he gets a camera that can support an external microphone so he'll sound better. Then he can plug in a lavalier mic.

Can he connect it to a laptop and record directly to the PC? Leo says he can, sure. But cameras have to support it through live HDMI out. That probably means getting a camcorder like the Canon Vixia. For audio, Leo says the Shure Motiv is a really good mic. The Blue Raspberry is quite good as well. Leo recommends avoiding the Blue Yeti, though.

Watch Henry from Riverside, CA Comments

Henry is annoyed with Apple and its latest MacBook Pro. He's not a fan of the touch bar. He's also annoyed that Apple hasn't updated the MacBook Air. Leo says it's because the MacBook Air is too thin for a Retina display. But in reality, the MacBooks are nearly as thin now.

Henry is also annoyed that he's going to have to use 2 factor authentication for everything. Leo says that a big gripe he has with Apple is that it asks you to sign in over and over. It's annoying. They ask for passwords way too often. Steve Gibson says it's usually triggered by a security risk though, and that means that they are logging you out of everything to make you log in manually. It sure is annoying, though. That's why Leo uses a Lenovo Windows laptop with a fingerprint reader now.

Watch Bruce from Covina, CA Comments

Bruce has a lot of data on a bunch of hard drives and he's looking for a way to catalog or collate the data, getting rid of duplicate files. Leo says there are de-duping tools that are designed to analyze and get rid of duplicates, but he'll run a risk of deleting something that only looks like a duplicate.

Gemini 2 is a popular duplicate file finder because it's intelligent and looks at the metadata of the file and even the file itself to hash out the duplicates. He should make sure that he's backed up before he runs it though, just in case. Fortunately, Gemini doesn't delete the files completely, they just move them to the trash. He should leave them there unless he needs to make space. Again, just in case. ChronoSync is a good way to keep his files synced and prevent dupes.

Watch Sandy from San Marcos, CA Comments

Sandy has an old Dell computer from 2002. Is it worth keeping? Leo says if it's been in storage for 15 years, it's really not going to do her much good. It could be worth about $25 if she wanted to try and sell it, but it will be a hard one to get rid of because nobody can really use them. The same goes for floppy disk laptops. She won't be able to upgrade it to today's standards, either.

Watch Loren from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Leo says that any kind of old audio or video tapes don't age well. The iron oxide will flake off and the tape becomes brittle. Loren will want to get that data off as quickly as he can, and he may only get one chance at it before they break. He'll need a player, and then he'll need to be able to connect them to a computer.

Leo suggests using a Sony Walkman or an old stereo component cassette player. He can plug it into the audio in or microphone jack of the computer and then he can use something like Audacity to capture it. For video, he'll need to get a capture device like the Grass Valley DV100, connect his VCR to it and then into the computer. Another option is a product from Amazon called the Portable Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter Digital USB Cassette Audio Music Player. It's only $18. Or he can send them to a service like ScanCafe.