Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1394 (1:00:55)

Johnny Jet

When you have newborns and you're traveling, Johnny recommends bringing your car seat along. You will have to pay for a seat, obviously, but it's worth it safety wise. Always ask if there's an empty row or seat and maybe they won't charge you.

The most expensive day to fly this summer is July 9th, the Sunday after the 4th of July. Sundays are always traditionally more expensive to travel, while Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest.

App of the week - DO$H. You register your credit card with it and pay with it, and DO$H will automatically apply any available coupon or discount. You may also get cash back. Book a hotel through DO$H and you'll get a cheaper rate. There's no charge to transfer your DO$H money to cash. The downside, though, is that you won't get frequent flyer or hotel rewards points.

Website of the week - Tingo. It's owned by Trip Advisor. If you book through Tingo, and the price drops, Tingo will automatically rebook the reservation at the lower price.

Another tip - If you're worried about getting ripped off in a hotel, always leave the do not disturb sign on. You won't get your sheets changed, but so what? You don't change your sheets or towels every day at home, anyway. Also check the hotel safe. If it opens with the code 0000, that's the universal combination and you'll know it can be easily opened.