How can I stream Netflix at school?

Episode 1394 (31:10)

David from Mission Viejo, CA

David is a teacher and he wants to use Netflix as a teaching aid, but the school district won't allow streaming it into the classroom. What can he do as a work around? Leo says that there really isn't one, as he would have to have permission from the district. He could bypass the school's internet by using his cellular data and making his mobile device a hotspot. Then he could stream it via something like the Google Chromecast or Apple TV. But he'll be using his bandwidth and that would be pricey over the long haul.

One workaround is that there are Netflix downloaders that take advantage of the analog hole to capture that signal and save it, but that would be a copyright violation. Also, those downloaders are being stopped by Netflix. There's a program called Replay TV that could also do it, as it could capture anything that he can play onto his desktop.