Can I clone my hard drive to an SSD?

Episode 1394 (52:35)

Glenn from Winnetka, CA

Glenn wants to buy an SSD and move his OS onto it. How can he move all his programs and apps to it? Leo says he can clone the drive, but he'll have to be sure that Windows and all of his programs are on the C drive or Windows won't work. He'll also want to be sure he has a cleaned up hard drive, getting rid of his temp files, unwanted programs, etc.

Glenn should check out WinDirStat, which will give him a graphical representation of what's really on that hard drive. Piriform's CCleaner is another option, as it tidies up the drive. It's a good idea to use this opportunity for spring cleaning and just start over. He should install Windows and his programs from scratch, that way it'll be like the day he got his computer — even better since the drive will be an SSD.

Another option is to press the Windows Key and type "clean." That will put the Windows cleaner up. There may also be a Windows.old file lurking around with his old Windows configuration backed up.