Apple's WWDC Starts Monday with Keynote

Episode 1393 (04:00)

WWDC 2017

Apple's Tim Cook will take to the stage tomorrow from San Jose, in what may be the last keynote to be given before they move to the circular spaceship campus. Operations have already begun there, but the special theater for media events isn't done yet. Leo expects the 10th anniversary iPhone event to be there in September.

There won't be a new iPhone at the WWDC event, but there may be a new iPad Pro. We're also expecting a new MacBook, maybe even a new MacBook Air. Leo says that we're into the "fins" era of PC development at Apple, and he's not expecting anything ground breaking. What we are hearing is that the Siri Speaker will be announced. Apple has an issue though if they're planning on going up against Amazon Echo or Google Home, because Siri has been hobbled too greatly. But Leo is expecting Apple to announce a Siri device anyway. We'll also probably get a sneak peak at the new iOS 11.

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