How can I transfer my contacts to my new iPhone?

Episode 1392 (11:45)

Clarence from Chesapeake, VA
Apple iPhone

Clarence is moving to an iPhone because he just can't get good coverage in his area with an Android phone. Leo says that's not really what's going on here. All phones are pretty much the same when it comes to connectivity. If he's losing his connection, it may be that his carrier doesn't have good coverage in his area.

Clarence wants to know how to get his contacts transferred from one phone to another. Leo says that the best thing about his Android phone is that since Clarence has a Google account, all he needs to do is add that account to his mail and contacts in the phone, and it will automatically download his contacts, calendars, and more. Apple also has a switch app called Move to iOS that can help in the Play Store. Then he can connect his Android devices to Wi-Fi and it will sync everything. It will also download apps that are the same on his Android phone.