How can I find out how good my Wi-Fi is in my house?

Episode 1391 (1:33:58)

Joslyn from Elizabeth, NJ
Plume Wi-Fi

Joslyn is getting ready to move and she wants to know how she can determine how strong a Wi-Fi signal is where she may live. Leo says DSL Reports will give her reviews on how good her internet is in any given area. But that won't tell her how good it is inside where she's going to live. If the building was built with a lot of metal, she'll have a hard time.

She can always bring her Wi-Fi access point (router) and plug it in. Then she can use a program called Wi-Fi Analyzer on Android, walk around, and see how good the signal is. A mesh router will fix this, though. Leo likes Plume, which would allow her to put one in every room. They're $49 each.