Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1391 (1:16:56)

Chris Marquardt

Chris is at the North Pole this week, but he prerecorded this week's segment. He has three thoughts on Image Composition. We know the technology, but some people are clueless on image composition, which is the key to making a good photograph.

1) Make sure that when you show the picture, people can see what the picture is about. Don't include things that don't help. Include what does. Move your shot around if you need to.
2) Make sure the image of the subject is big enough to see it, or has enough detail. Get a bit closer to do so. You can crop if you have enough pixels, but it's better to get closer and use every pixel you can.
3) Give the subject space. Don't squeeze your subject into an image. Let them "breathe" in the image. Avoid it being claustrophobic.

Lastly, practice every day. Take a shot to keep your eye sharp. It also reinforces the muscle memory of taking pictures so it's more natural.