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Episode 1390 May 27, 2017

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Ron from Charlotte, NC Comments

Ron wants to know how he can create an install disk for Windows 10 on a USB thumb drive. Leo says he can use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to do it. He should choose the pro option. Ron should remember that Windows 10 is assigned to his computer now, so he will only be able to use it on that particular computer and not another. Windows 10 is linked to his specific rig.

Another option is to create an image of his hard drive. That's like a snapshot of what the hard drive looks like, and then he can restore it immediately and have it just the way he had it.

Watch Eric from New Jersey Comments

Eric has heard that iCloud is going to require two factor authentication for third party apps. Is that true? Leo says it is, and it's a good idea. The problem is that not all apps have a two factor authentication scheme, so Apple has a work around by requiring an app specific password as well. Starting June 15th, if he doesn't have two factor enabled, he'll be forced to do it. From there, he'll have to re-login with a second unique one time password. It's also possible that some older third party apps will be broken by the change. This is the only way to push them into mordernizing for standard online security practices.

Photo by iPhone Digital via Flickr, [CC BY-SA 2.0]

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Rita from Hisperia, CA Comments

Rita bought a subscription to Adobe Photoshop, but she doesn't want to renew it. Is there an alternative she can use that doesn't require a subscription? Leo says that Adobe Photoshop Elements will give her about 80% of everything Adobe Creative Cloud has. It's only about $80. For most people it's good enough and she doesn't have to renew it every year or month.

There are also free programs and apps that do it. Google Photos has a lot of those features, and there's also Gimp. There's also a Photoshop app that works online. It's in the Windows 10 store.

Watch Todd from Detroit, MI Comments

Todd needs an app that will allow him to backup text messages from his girlfriend's old Windows phone. Leo says that there's an app in the Windows Phone Store called Transfer My Data that will allow her to export those messages to the SD card slot on the phone. There's also an app called Message Backup. Then she can import them to an Android phone using apps in the Google Play Store.

Watch Steve from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Steve would like to have access to his email from another device. Leo says he'll want to make sure his email client is set to IMAP, if his provider supports it. Then he can leave the email on the server when he reads it from his device. He should also make sure his port settings are properly configured. Leo also recommends setting up his own Gmail account, and then have it go get his email from Cox. Then he can have it on the Gmail server, which is accessible everywhere. It's also better for spam.

Watch Jose from Modesto, CA Comments

Mike wants to know when he'll get the Windows 10 Creators Update. Leo says that Microsoft is taking its time with rolling it out, making sure that computers can support the update. To date, only 18% of Windows computers have been updated after a year. Like the Windows 10 update, it will notify him when it's ready for him to update and install. That's the future of updates now — it's a slow, gradual roll out.

There is an option to get it now and force the update, but Leo's done that and it's just asking for trouble. It's better to wait until Microsoft examines his system and then lets him know when it's ready to support it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Paul from Louisville, KY Comments

Paul is wondering if the Eero router would give him greater security with his network based security cameras. Leo says that the most vulnerable items are those that are part of the so-called "internet of things" category because they are rarely updated for security. So if they get hacked, not only will the hackers have access to the cameras, but also the entire network. The Eero router has far greater security, because it's designed with internet of things devices in mind. But Leo says that we can also help by not buying devices that aren't updatable.

What about the Arlo? Leo says that Arlo is made by Netgear and that's a good brand. He should avoid the no-name clones, because they have no incentive to maintain security. The Ubiquity Edge Router X is another good one that is very affordable at $50 and it's extremely secure.

(Disclaimer: Eero is a sponsor)

Watch Joyce from San Clemente, CA Comments

Joyce listens has a harder time listening to dialog on TV because everything else is louder. What can she do? Leo says shows are mixed for surround sound and if she doesn't have that, the spoken word can get overwhelmed by other sound and music. Some TVs and audio receivers have center channel settings that would allow her to turn up the center channel so she can hear it. Most TVs have that feature. If she doesn't have a center channel speaker, she should get one. It will help a lot.

Watch John from Anaheim, CA Comments

John wants to stream his grandson's high school graduation to multiple TVs. Leo says that's a tough one because most DLNA systems are only one to one. He could get a Wavecom wireless TV transmitter and then put the receivers on each TV. He can also use Plex and a Roku or Apple TV on each box.

Watch David from Orange County, CA Comments

Leo says that using a third party free email account like Gmail to go get his ISP's email accomplishes several benefits:

1) He can change ISPs any time,
2) It has a much better spam filter, and
3) He can have Gmail go get his email automatically and then access it anywhere.

Watch Brett from New Jersey Comments

Brett is getting frustrated because he keeps getting robocalls. Leo says to check out NoMoRobo. It's a service that will block robo calls from telemarketers.

Another option is to use Google Voice as his main phone number, and have it route calls that he wants and ignore the rest. He can set up specific rules that will handle incoming calls for him, pass along calls from his contact list, and route the rest to voicemail. He can also set up rules to block blocked caller ID, set up curfews for phone calls, and more.