Can I use Raspberry Pi to create a server?

Episode 1389 (28:44)

Edwee from Vista, CA
Raspberry Pi

Edwee wants to create a server using Raspberry Pi. Leo says that the Raspberry Pi is very cheap at $35, but it can do a lot of great things. It uses Raspian OS, which is like Linux. There are some network attached storage operating systems that the Raspberry Pi can run, including NextCloud and OwnCloud.

The problem is that he can't access his Raspberry Pi from his home network. Leo says he'll need to know the IP address of the Raspberry Pi, and OwnCloud comes in on a non standard port. So he'll have to figure out what his OwnCloud port is, and add that to the address. So it would be; portnumber, but he should avoid 21, that's the telnet/ftp port. He should use a higher number, above 1024. 8080 may be available. He'll also want to do port forwarding so he can access it from the outside.