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Episode 1389 May 21, 2017

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Jevon from Lyons, GA Comments

Jevon has a new computer and he wants to know how to transfer his data from the old hard drive to the new computer? Leo says NewerTech makes a universal drive adapter so he can connect the drive without a housing and get the data off it. It's bare bones, but it will power it and turn it into a USB drive that he can browse and copy from. Or he can grab a hard drive enclosure that will enable him to connect to it as an external drive.

Watch Kenny from Springfield, MO Comments

Kenny would like to get a cheap Android phone, but he wants it with the latest Android OS. Leo recommends the Motorola Moto G5 Plus. It has a good camera, great battery life, and even a fingerprint scanner. For AT&T, all he'll need to do is plug the SIM in and he's ready to go. They may even have a deal on one if he signs up for a two year contract.

Watch Edwee from Vista, CA Comments

Edwee wants to create a server using Raspberry Pi. Leo says that the Raspberry Pi is very cheap at $35, but it can do a lot of great things. It uses Raspian OS, which is like Linux. There are some network attached storage operating systems that the Raspberry Pi can run, including NextCloud and OwnCloud.

The problem is that he can't access his Raspberry Pi from his home network. Leo says he'll need to know the IP address of the Raspberry Pi, and OwnCloud comes in on a non standard port. So he'll have to figure out what his OwnCloud port is, and add that to the address. So it would be; portnumber, but he should avoid 21, that's the telnet/ftp port. He should use a higher number, above 1024. 8080 may be available. He'll also want to do port forwarding so he can access it from the outside.

Watch Grover from California Comments

Grover has a popup that says to call Microsoft Support. Has he been bit by ransomware? Leo says no, probably not. It's a phishing attack, but it's to try and get him to call in and then they charge him and access his computer. It's Scareware, really. He can ignore it, but it keeps popping up and he has to reboot his system to get rid of it. He even replaced the hard drive, but it didn't help.

Leo says that it sounds like a browser hijack, and when Grover backed up his data, he backed up the malware as well. He should make sure to run as a limited, standard user. That will keep the browser hijack from reinfecting him. The chatroom says that Google Chrome will sync his extensions, and if he has a bad extension, Chrome will backup and sync that as well. So that may be where Grover is getting reinfected.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Michael from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

George bought a morse code CW radio, but he needs a battery for it. It runs on 9-12 volts. He needs to have a portable battery supply because it's for backpacking. Leo says going solar would be a good option as well. The trick, though, is that they are grossly inefficient. So he'll need a larger array than he thinks.

George should check out He should also check out the BioLite Camp Stove, which doubles as a battery charger. It uses the heat from the stove to charge devices. A power brick from Anker would also work.

Watch George from Sterling, VA Comments

George is using a Tiny Hardware Firewall and he sees that it would let him customize the settings. Can it be made more secure? Leo says that the Tiny Hardware Firewall is pretty darn secure as is. Leo hasn't played with the configurations, but he wouldn't want to, either. He just uses it in default mode and he's completely safe.

Watch Billy from New York, NY Comments

Billy is about to make the switch to Windows. As an old timer, he feels that Apple has abandoned his demographic. So he bought a Lenovo X1 Yoga to replace his aging Mac laptop. Leo says that the latest Mac laptops with Touch Bar are annoying and the Touch Bar gets in the way more than it helps. Lenovo is doing a lot of creative hardware on the Windows side, as are other manufacturers.

Leo says to make sure he gets all of his updates, and then run the recovery utility to create a USB recovery boot disk. He'll need a 16GB thumb drive for that. He could also image the drive with all of his software. How about bit locker? Leo says that Bit Locker will encrypt his data. He should just be careful not to lose the key!

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Jerry from Anaheim, CA Comments

Jerry just got back from a trip to Italy and his friend gave him his book manuscript that's written in Italian. How can he translate it? Leo says that no computer is going to do a translation that will sound natural — at least not yet. For now, a human will always do a better job translating in an idiomatic fashion, but it's not cheap.

There is a less expensive form of translation called Mechanical Turk. It uses humans, but they do little bites for a small payment. They do it with several users and then take a consensus of what the translation is, and it's surprisingly accurate.

Another option is He can do up to 80,000 sentences for up to $450 and there's a ten day trial. There's also

Watch Alan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alan wants to know if an antivirus utility is any good anymore for malware. How about on a mobile device? Leo says that all too often, an antivirus leaves people more vulnerable because most malware is a zero day exploit. Antivirus can't stop users from themselves, either. All antivirus utilities have to hook themselves into the OS at a very low level and the virus can actually use that as a door to more exploits. So at the end of the day, an antivirus really is only of limited benefit.

Windows 10 comes with a decent free antivirus that's good enough. At the end of the day, Alan's best defense will be his own behavior. He should keep his PC updated, and shouldn't open attachments or click on links, especially from friends or coworkers. What about using Malware Bytes occasionally? Leo says he doesn't use it. It works, but it can also cause more damage and still won't protect him from what Malware Bytes doesn't take off. It, too, creates a false sense of security.

Watch Bill from Vista, CA Comments

Bill wants to remove the data off his old Mac, and transfer that data to his new Mac. Leo says using a universal drive adapter like the one from NewerTech will do great. It won't hurt his Mac at all.

Watch Ted from Norwalk, CA Comments

Ted bought an old Nokia cell phone but he can't hear anyone when he calls. He's going to get a new one, but he needs to go from Windows Phone to Android. How can he do that? Leo says that Google is his friend! He should sync his phone with Gmail and Google Contacts and then when he logs into his new phone, it'll all be there. Even the email will be there because it's IMAP, and it'll still be on his old IMAP servers as well.

Watch Randal from Orange, CA Comments

Randall wants to know if the LattePanda processor is a good one for creating small Raspberry Pi applications. Leo says it looks pretty good, with an intel Atom processor on it. It's a computer on a tiny board. It even comes with Windows 10. He's never used it, but it looks pretty good and seems to be the latest in a growing category. Atom processors can handle some pretty good loads.

Watch Bernie from Washington Comments

Bernie bought a Toshiba laptop. Leo says that the Portege was great back in the day, and the new version is pretty sweet. So if he liked the Toshiba Satellite, then who's to say what's better? It comes down to what he likes and Toshiba still makes a 17" laptop. The customer service isn't great, but that's true of most PC makers unless he were to buy their gold support package.