Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1388 (22:31)

Scott Wilkinson

Angus wants to hook up some old speakers to his 32" HDTV. What's the most affordable way to do this? Leo says who cares if the picture is small, if the sound is big? Scott agrees and says that the best solution is to get the most affordable A/V speaker or amp you can afford and hook it up. Make sure it has an optical/digital input (also known as TOSLINK). Scott checked at LifeWire, and they say the Pioneer VSX 531 for $200 is the best value for the money. You can also use a desktop stereo amp on Amazon for under $100. The key is the optical/digital input.

Is digital better than analog for lip sync issues? Scott says yes, but most don't really have that issue if he uses optical inputs because there's no analog to digital conversion which would cause some latency issues. The chatroom says that a TOSLINK to RCA adapter could also work. He can get them from