Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1388 (1:14:55)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is back and he took his newborn son on his first plane trip last week. He got a stroller/turned carseat that transforms at the touch of a button. Johnny says that it's not really safe to fly with the baby in your arms, and you should buy a baby their own seat and use a car seat.

If you have sleep apnea and are traveling, there's a new small CPAP device called the Air Mini. It could be covered by your insurance.

Website of the week - It will tell you how long your flight will be in sunlight if you have a window seat. You can also still get sunburned if you sit on the window, so make sure that if you have fair skin, make sure you just close the shade.

App of the week Flyover Country.

If you ever wanted to live or work around the world for a brief time, check out this. for $500 a week, $1500 a month.

Deal of the week - LA to Balogna, Italy for $646 round trip. LA to Atlanta for $226 round trip on American. Right now is a good time to fly, through June 15th. Then you get into prime time traveling.