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Episode 1388 May 20, 2017

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Audience Questions

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Watch David from Boca Raton, FL Comments

David is looking for updates to Windows 8. He needs to install it and Microsoft isn't pushing updates anymore. Leo says to go to the Microsoft Update Catalog and search for "kb4012598."

Photo by Lord of the Wings on Flickr via CC BY-SA 2.0

Watch Paul from Guadalajara, Mexico Comments

Paul is going to be traveling to Great Britain and wants to know how they can use data while out of the country. Is SkyRoam a good option? Leo says that SkyRoam is an interesting pay-as-you-go option when traveling. Google Fi is another, as is a MiFi card. Pay-as-you-go is nice because Paul would pay for only what he uses. He'd also want to be sure they support high speed data.

Paul should check out for the what is the best option for the countries he's going to visit.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch James from San Francisco, CA Comments

James wants to get an A+ certification, but he's wondering if it's worth getting. Leo says that the main thing a certification shows an employer is that he set out to do something and proved that he completed it. That's really the main benefit and if he is looking for work in the IT field, it's not bad to have, especially if he's trying to get his first job. It's really only a test that he'll study for and take. It doesn't necessarily mean he is skilled or competent. A passion for the subject and a willingness to learn is of more benefit than just studying to pass a test.

Watch Josie from Valley Center, CA Comments

Josie wants to be able to send her son money while he's at college. Leo says the kids are using Paypal's VenMo. Facebook Messenger is also going to add payments, as is SnapChat. She should check the commission charges, though. The best way is to establish a bank account that she can pay into.

The chatroom says that Square's Cash.Me is great and charges no fees. Apple is also going to add payments to its Messages app.

(Disclaimer: Square is a sponsor)

Watch Kurt from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Kurt is in a love/hate relationship with his Apple Products. He got his iPad wet and he tried to get it back by letting it sit in a bag of rice, but it didn't work. Apple will replace it for $300. He chose to buy an Android tablet instead. Leo says that Android tablets are fine and Samsung's tablets are very good. But there are much fewer tablet-aware apps compared to what Apple has. Often times, an Android tablet doesn't use the app very well because the app isn't written to take advantage of it.

Kurt wants to know how he can get his photos transferred off his iPad Air. Leo says that the Apple Photos library has something that looks like a bundled file, but in reality, it's just a folder. He can right click on that and select "Show Package Contents." He'll find all of his original photos there. Leo then recommends using Google Photos to upload them from his Mac. It has a very good desktop downloader that will upload his images to Google Photos and he'll be able to see them on the tablet from there. Photos is also good because they do some great facial recognition.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Don from Brielle, NJ Comments

Don is going on a cruise and he wants to use Wi-Fi. Is SkyRoam good? Leo says no, not for a cruise. The best and cheapest way is from the cruise line itself. It's not cheap or fast, though. Royal Caribbean has super fast internet called VOOM, but it's still expensive. He'll have to get up really early in the morning to have decent speeds.

Unless he's in a port, he should just pretend that he's disconnected from the world. Then when he's in port, he can then use an internet cafe or get a prepaid MiFi card to handle cellular.

Photo By El Coleccionista de Instantes Fotografía & Video [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Mike from Orange, CA Comments

If Mike goes into the app settings, he can make Waze his default navigation app. He'll also want to get rid of Google Maps, or at least disable it. He may need to go into the Google Now settings as well. If he goes into the Waze settings, he can tap on "Open supported links" and select "Open in this app."

This worked for Leo, but Mike is on a Samsung Galaxy S8, so it's conceivable that Samsung has done something to prevent him from being able to change that default.

Watch Cary from Ontario, CA Comments

Cary just got the Samsung Galaxy S8 and she's having issues while voice texting. It's mostly syntax because the voice texting is putting spaces where they don't belong. Leo says that it could be a keyboard behavior with the Samsung Keyboard. She should try using a different keyboard. She can try Google's GBoard or SwiftKey. Both are free. It could also be a flaw in the voice texting feature, though.

Watch Greg from Whittier, CA Comments

Greg is a strength and conditioning coach and he wants to get heart rates on his team without having a watch because those are against the rules. Leo says that the heart rate chest strap can be connected via Bluetooth, but only with Garmin or Polar. Android requires the user wear the watch, but it's doable.

Watch Mark from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Mark has a bunch of 1TB hard drives and he wants to be able to categorize the contents on them. Leo says he'll want to be sure he indexes the contents and then he can create a master catalog that he can print out. The trick is to make them offline so he can index them that way.

There are catalogers like WinCatalog that are designed for just that. There's a trial version that will let him try it out for free, with a personal license for $30. The chatroom says that Voidtools Everything is also good. DiskExplorer Pro is another option.

Watch John from Los Angeles, CA Comments

John is trying to update Windows 10, but he gets an error message that says it cannot connect to the update servers. Leo says that it seems to be an ongoing issue with many Windows 10 users. Microsoft has a troubleshooter online that can help solve that issue. Some have solved it by uninstalling the network card and letting Windows 10 reinstall it. Leo says that going to the Windows Update page at WSUS is a workaround.

Watch Joe from Berlin, CT Comments

Joe was forced to upgrade to Windows 10 and he hates it. How can he have it run like Windows 7? Leo says that Microsoft dropped the classic mode, but there's an alternative. StarDock has several apps that can do it under their "Object Desktop" tab. That's where he'll see Start10 and other apps that can make it look the way he remembers.