How can I convert older Smart Board lessons to a new format?

Episode 1387 (1:09:40)

Karen from Littlerock, CA
ClassFlow Desktop

Karen is a teacher and she has a lot of Smart Board lessons that she needs to port over to the next generation of smart boards called "Promethean Boards." Leo says that these are interactive white boards that are in essence a Windows screen that you can write on. Karen could just use Google Chromecast and a projector to project onto the wall. But moving the smart board lessons to the Promethean format is a challenge. Many of these are proprietary that lock her into their ecosystem. They may have plugins, though.

There is an app on Android called ClassFlow which may be able to do this. They may also have a Chrome browser plugin. They have an admin tool for Chrome, so maybe it's coming.

Karen should check out this community site for teachers talking about using Promethean.