Why can't I access my Wi-Fi Network?

Episode 1386 (1:15:29)

Mass from Rochester, NY
Windows 10 Start Menu

Mass can't get Wi-Fi on his PC. It's about three years old and he hasn't used it in awhile. Leo says it may be that the computer needs to reacquire the network and password. If he can, he should choose to "forget the network" and then reboot. It will then see the network again and he can input his password.

Mass should click on the Windows Key, type "Wi-Fi" and select "Change Wi-Fi Settings." He can go into "Manage Known Networks," select his SSID and there's a "Forget" button. Web0795 in the chatroom says to go to his list of Wi-Fi networks by single clicking at the bottom right of the taskbar and right click the network. He should click "Manage SSID" and select "Forget."

Image by Adziruki (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons