Why can't I buy apps in the Google Play Store with my Nvidia Shield tablet?

Episode 1385 (1:06:24)

Shane from Indianapolis, IN
Nvidia Shield Tablet

Shane has an Nvidia Shield gaming device and every time he tries to buy something from the Google Play Store, he gets an error. Leo recommends clearing the cache, restarting and then resetting his Play account. The problem is that the Nvidia Shield has Android 7 and it doesn't give him access to his Google Play settings. That may leave Shane with only one option — to reset the Shield itself.

There is a way to do this in the menu settings, but it's not easy to find. There's obviously bad data in the cache of the Play Store. He'll need to clear that out. Another way to fix it is to log out of his Google account, reboot the Shield, and then log back in. That should clear it out as well. Shane should check out this page on XDA Developers.