What's a good cordless phone?

Episode 1384 (1:49:11)

Walter from Burbank, CA
Panasonic KX-TG6843B Cordless Phones

Walter wants a good cordless phone that is secure. Leo says that DECT is the current state of the art for cordless phones and Leo likes the Panasonic phones. Just make sure it has DECT on the box. It also uses FDMA/TDMA which works to spread out the signal across 10 different channels. There is a rudimentary encryption on it, but it's generally regarded as being rather weak. But weak is better than none. And at a high enough frequency, the range isn't all that far, so that's a benefit.

Walter also wanted to know about Maker Faire. This is an event for those that want to get back to the idea of creating things on their own. One such creation was the Life-Sized Mousetrap, which you can check out on YouTube here.