How can I get started with social media?

Episode 1384 (1:06:57)

Doctor Mom from New York, NY
Social Media

Doctor Mom has been drafted into running the social media for a medical journal group she's a part of. How can she get started? Leo says that social media is of great value, but to be effective, it needs to be staffed because it takes a lot of time. Doctor Mom seems to be it, though. She also has to do a podcast aimed at who they want to reach. How can she get her podcast on TuneIn? Leo says that everyone listens to podcasts on their phone these days and most will use the app they already have. Leo says it could be an uphill battle to get on TuneIn. She'd have to convince them that it will serve them to do so.

It would be more beneficial to provide a link that will make it easy to subscribe using a podcatcher. She could also post it to Facebook and Twitter, and get it on Stitcher and iTunes. An RSS feed is still valuable as well.