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Watch Alan from Honolulu, HI Comments

Alan is a little league baseball coach and he's trying to create group texts for all parents and players. Everyone gets them except the iPhone users. Leo says that while Apple doesn't support group messaging to Android, Android supports it to iOS. However, there are many different ways to send messages in Android including. If everyone is getting them except one person, it could be that she's got group messaging turned off on her phone, or some setting that blocks it It may be that she disabled receiving MMS because of a flaw that came up last year. She may have forgotten to re-enable it.

Alan is frustrated because he has employees who are so used to using mobile devices, they can't use real computers. There's a disconnect with younger people who can't use them.

Watch Steve from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Steve has a new advertising budget to expand clientele, focusing on 30-50 year olds in Southern California. The budget includes SEO, pay per click and other advertising. Leo says that SEO or search engine optimization, is largely snake oil. It can help him, but it doesn't make a huge difference. Leo would advise separating that out of his advertising budget. As for advertising on Bing, he should check the market share. That may not be a good place to put it.

For Leo's money, he would look at the last presidential campaign, where the candidates used Facebook advertising both efficiently and effectively. He can target his audience with laser focus. Facebook knows a lot when it comes to demographics. He can also give Facebook a mailing list and they can match it with members that have similar demographics. That's why Facebook is getting the lion's share of advertising.

Google has great information on AdSense and ad words. Marketing Land is also a good resource. But it's important to know that advertising online is just as much art as science. If done right, $5,000 can go a long way and easily pay for itself.

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Watch John from Anaheim, CA Comments

John is a commercial real estate agent and he's looking to buy a drone for taking pictures of properties. Leo says if he's never flown a drone, he should learn to fly with a cheap drone first, or he may find his expensive drone will vanish on him. Amazon has plenty of cheap drones that he can learn to fly with and crash with. He should practice a lot. Then, the most popular is the DJI Phantom. The Parrot Bebop is a nice one as well. He'll also need to be certified by the FAA for commercial purposes, though.

Watch Pat from Rancho Cucamonga, CA Comments

Pat did an iOS 10 update with the iPhone 6S and he's found out the volume has been dramatically cut in half. Leo says that it's a widespread issue and sometimes it takes awhile to pinpoint the issue and push out a fix. It may be intentional, Apple deciding the volume is too loud for earbuds. It's more likely an issue in the software. There's a noise cancellation setting in accessibility. He can go to General > Accessibility then disable Phone Noise Cancellation. Many are commenting that fixes the issue. Others say it doesn't. It's worth a try, though.

Watch Doctor Mom from New York, NY Comments

Doctor Mom has been drafted into running the social media for a medical journal group she's a part of. How can she get started? Leo says that social media is of great value, but to be effective, it needs to be staffed because it takes a lot of time. Doctor Mom seems to be it, though. She also has to do a podcast aimed at who they want to reach. How can she get her podcast on TuneIn? Leo says that everyone listens to podcasts on their phone these days and most will use the app they already have. Leo says it could be an uphill battle to get on TuneIn. She'd have to convince them that it will serve them to do so.

It would be more beneficial to provide a link that will make it easy to subscribe using a podcatcher. She could also post it to Facebook and Twitter, and get it on Stitcher and iTunes. An RSS feed is still valuable as well.

Watch Mike from Granada Hills, CA Comments

Mike is worried that Google has all of his banking information. Leo says it's not to worry about. They don't have it. If anything, his browser has that information and that's much more dangerous. It may be a good idea to reset his browser to get rid of all that. Then turn on second factor authentication to make sure that any attempt to change his password or access his account will be stopped. Mike shouldn't worry about Google, though. They're quite secure, and Chrome is a secure browser.

Watch Mike from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mike is a writer who uses an old 17" MacBook Pro and it's just running too loud and slow now. He needs to get a new laptop. Leo says the new crop of laptops are faster and quieter. The new MacBook Pro is a good option, but Leo loves the Microsoft Surface Book as well.

What about the touch bar in the MacBook Pro? Leo says he thought it was useless and even got in the way, so he returned his for the model that didn't have it. Are there some laptops without fans? Leo says maybe, but they will run hot. Leo also recommends the Thinkpad X1 Carbon and the HP Spectre.

Could a tablet be a viable alternative? Leo says that a tablet is a lot quieter, but Leo prefers 2-in-1 laptops like the ThinkPad Yoga.

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Watch Gina from Venice Beach, CA Comments

Gina's iPhone 6 is having problems connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi. Leo says to make sure she can't get on anyone else's Wi-Fi. If that's not the case, then there is clearly something wrong with the phone or its Wi-Fi settings. It's possible that the settings are preventing it from connecting, but it's also likely the hardware has failed. The only real people who can solve a hardware issue are Geniuses at the Apple Store. Gina should set up an appointment and have the Genius take a look at it.

Watch Walter from Burbank, CA Comments

Walter wants a good cordless phone that is secure. Leo says that DECT is the current state of the art for cordless phones and Leo likes the Panasonic phones. Just make sure it has DECT on the box. It also uses FDMA/TDMA which works to spread out the signal across 10 different channels. There is a rudimentary encryption on it, but it's generally regarded as being rather weak. But weak is better than none. And at a high enough frequency, the range isn't all that far, so that's a benefit.

Walter also wanted to know about Maker Faire. This is an event for those that want to get back to the idea of creating things on their own. One such creation was the Life-Sized Mousetrap, which you can check out on YouTube here.

Watch Dan from San Clemente, CA Comments

Dan recently moved north and he's signed up with Frontier, but he's having Wi-Fi issues. It keeps dropping and he has to reset the router. He's been told that the 5 GHz cuts off after an hour. Leo says that's not normal. In fact, Leo typically recommends using 5 GHz because it's less congested.

Leo says to get his own Mesh router and disable the router portion. He should use the Netgear Orbi and it will then be able to connect to the satellite unit. The coverage is very good and he can get it all over the house. Plume is also good. Dan could also use power line networking.

Watch Tom from San Dimas, CA Comments

Tom is a truck driver and relies on AM radio for traffic conditions, but he's had more difficulty picking up stations lately. He's wondering if the stations aren't broadcasting as strong of a signal these days. Leo says that the signal should be just as strong. The way that we hear AM radio over a long distance varies on the weather, because the signal is actually skipping off the atmosphere as it's traveling. When the atmosphere is just right, it will skip off of it and enable him to hear distant stations. If Tom is saying he can't hear local stations, then Leo would guess that's our modern world creating more interference than ever before.

Leo suggests using the Waze app for traffic in addition to listening to AM radio. It's crowd-sourced traffic information.