What's a good alternative to Outlook?

Episode 1383 (1:24:40)

Carlo from Irvine, CA

Karlo has a cookie business, and when people order cookies and pay by Paypal, he has to use Outlook to get notifications. Leo says that Go Daddy's interface will support other email interfaces, regardless of what they may say. Outlook itself is a modern system and would work, but it's not the only game in town. He can also use Gmail. There's also Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and the Apple Mail app on Mac.

To set it up with another mail app, he can just go into his Outlook Express settings and write down the settings. Then he can Google GoDaddy Apple Mail settings and see how to change it.
He can also use those settings in Gmail and set up email forwarding. That's what Leo would use.

frontdoorpr.com has instructions on how to receive Go Daddy email from Gmail. Carlo can also consult GoDaddy's help page on how to do this. This page from smallbusiness.chron.com also explains how to import Go Daddy email to Gmail.

Check out Karlo's cookie business online at mrkscookies.com.