Did malware break my laptop?

Episode 1383 (1:56:12)

Janet from Santa Monica, CA
Apple MacBook Air

Janet has a 2014 MacBook Air and she's got malware. Leo says it's very rare to get malware on the mac, so it's unlikely. Janet is getting redirected to other sites. That's a browser hijack, not a virus. It's malware, but it's browser level malware. The laptop has also died as a result. Leo says that hardware can die, especially a laptop that's being carried around. A MacBook Air may be more prone because it's so thin. It could also just be a bad logic board or diode on it. It's not related to the malware/browser hijack issue, though. It doesn't work that way.

If she's had her MacBook Air set up to backup to iCloud, she should be OK with her data. If not, then she may have to go to a professional to get the data off of the hard drive. She should check iCloud first.