Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Episode 1382 (51:15)

Samsung Galaxy S8

Leo got the Samsung Galaxy S8 this week and it has a 6.2" screen, but it's a bit weird because of its aspect ratio. Like the iPhone 5 which had a tall, narrow screen, the S8 is doing the same thing to make it tall and larger without being wider. The edge is more aesthetic and has less usable area as before. It is "bezel-less" now, so the image goes edge to edge making it look larger without being wider. It's not the same camera as the S7 – it's extremely nice with an upgraded sensor.

Negatives: There is no physical home button and the fingerprint reader is on the back. The fingerprint reader is not in a good place either because it's right next to the camera, meaning that you're going to hit the camera often, making it dirty. There is face and iris recognition that works to unlock the phone, though.

There's also a "Bixby" button which launches the Samsung assistant Bixby. But the voice recognition doesn't work yet. But you can't remap it to the Google Assistant, which is annoying. The TouchWiz overlay is annoying, but if you're used to it, then it's no big deal.

Bixby Vision will search for a product online when you point your camera at it. Interesting, but not too useful. Just another junk feature that Samsung loves to fill it's phone up with.

In terms of form and design, it's absolutely gorgeous and very fast.