Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1382 (1:08:59)

Johnny Jet

Leo says that he's decided not to go to Cuba because of the political situation around the world. Johnny says that issue isn't really in Cuba, especially for media people. It's more the infrastructure. There isn't any Wi-Fi, and the hotels are old and very expensive.

App of the week - AsYouStay. If you just need a place to hang your hat for a few hours, you can get a decent deal. The app is on iOS and Android. It's very similar to Hotel Tonight. You can sign up and get a promo code for $25 off.

Site of the week - AutoDraw. If you're bored, this site will help pass the time. But you need internet access to do it. Sketch something and the website will guess what it is. It's a Google experiment in artificial intelligence and Johnny Jet says it's a lot of fun.