Has my computer been hacked?

Episode 1382 (11:48)

Art from California

Art opened his computer and something took control of Chrome and wouldn't let him shut down the app or his computer. Has he been hacked? Leo says not to panic. It's likely a javascript instruction that hacked a website. He can always force quit his browser to get out of it. He can do that by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete to open the task manager for Windows. On macOS, press Option-Command-Escape and Force Quit the app.

The worst case scenario is that he'll have to reboot or turn off the computer. However, it's a good idea to use this opportunity to make sure the OS is up to date. It may also be that he typed the URL wrong, just by one letter, and that led him to a malware site. Also, he can disconnect it from the internet and turn it back on just to see if he can do things.