Could my devices overheat and explode from a power inverter?

Episode 1382 (33:04)

Manny from Ashtabulah, OH
Power Inverter

Manny is a long haul truck driver and he has a lot of gadgets that require AC, so he needs an inverter. What's the best one that will provide power without overheating his gadgets? Leo says that in theory, the gadgets won't take more wattage that they can handle and if they are getting warm or even hot, that's just normal. Well made devices have circuitry that prevents overcharging.

If he's using a cheap device, it may not have that circuitry and could overcharge the battery, which could cause it to explode. It's highly unlikely, especially via USB which is 5 volts and 2.2a of charging for 11 watts total. So unless he's getting a bad third party power adapter from a truck stop, he won't really know where that came from. So he should stick with name brands.

C J Cowie at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons