What happened to my sound in Windows 10?

Episode 1381 (41:40)

Marcello from California
Windows 10 Start Menu

Marcello got the Windows 10 Creators Update and now his sound won't work. Leo says there's a bug in the update related to the Sound Blaster sound card which changes the bit depth of the audio. Leo recommends going into the settings and changing it back to 16-bit. It may also be that X-Fi isn't supported, so he'll need to disable that feature. It's a known bug that Leo thought was fixed, but apparently it wasn't.

Marcello tried to roll back, but it failed. Leo says that will mess him up and he'll have to start over. Hopefully, he was properly backed up. If he tries again, though, will it mess up his sound? Leo says that eventually he'll have to take the update. They only give about a month. So if he has to do it, he should do it and then follow the explanation above to work around it. He should defer it as long as he can and monitor the Sound Blaster forums until he sees it's been fixed. Maybe by then, Sound Blaster will have a new driver out to fix it.