How can prevent Windows 7 from updating to Windows 10?

Episode 1381 (1:52:03)

Mark from Arcadia, CA
Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

Mark wants to keep Windows 7 on his computer. How can he stop the update? Leo says that Microsoft won't push him to update anymore. That was when he had the free update option. Now they're charging for it, so they won't push him to update unless he wants to buy it. He'll want to be sure he keeps updating Windows 7 to keep it secure, though.

Mark's wife also lost the number keyboard function on her laptop after an update. Leo says that it's likely the numlock key broke or is dirty. Leo says to check the updates and make sure she's up to date. It could be a bad or corrupted update that has since been fixed. It could also be that the default settings are changed, or that the driver just needed to be updated. Chances are, it's been fixed by now. So update all the way and then check the laptop manufacturer's website for updated drivers.