What desktop gaming computer should I buy?

Episode 1380 (41:39)

Bill from Gainsville, GA
Alienware Area-51 PC

Bill is looking to get his son a new computer. He wants a desktop. Is that still a good option? Leo says that desktops are becoming less popular, but there are still some great models out there. Bill's son also wants to game. All-in-Ones are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but not practical for upgrading or repairs. A tower is really a better way to go, especially for gaming.

He'll want an Nvidia 1080 graphics card. Alienware is really great. Asus' ROG line is every bit as good, but more affordable. Doghouse is another brand to look at. Or he could just get a higher end i7 Dell. It may look plain, but it's what's under the hood that counts. They also have a 34" curved monitor that would be great for gaming.