What connections are on the MacBook Pro?

Episode 1379 (14:43)

Joanne from California
Apple MacBook Pro

Joanne is looking at getting a new MacBook Pro, but it's missing all the ports she needs. Leo says the trend is towards a Type-C connector that can be used for everything from power to monitor connections. So Macs can have fewer ports. She'll end up spending money on dongles to connect her older technology. That will be a brief inconvenience. Her card reader will work faster as well as any Thunderbolt connections.

What about external storage? Leo says she can get an adapter, but why not use this as the right time to invest in a newer Thunderbolt 3 drive instead? She'll have to replace it sooner or later. May as well future proof it. And Type-C connectors aren't proprietary.

Leo suggests avoiding paying extra for the touch bar. It's really not useful in Leo's opinion. He even traded his in and got the function key model.