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Watch Joanne from California Comments

Joanne is looking at getting a new MacBook Pro, but it's missing all the ports she needs. Leo says the trend is towards a Type-C connector that can be used for everything from power to monitor connections. So Macs can have fewer ports. She'll end up spending money on dongles to connect her older technology. That will be a brief inconvenience. Her card reader will work faster as well as any Thunderbolt connections.

What about external storage? Leo says she can get an adapter, but why not use this as the right time to invest in a newer Thunderbolt 3 drive instead? She'll have to replace it sooner or later. May as well future proof it. And Type-C connectors aren't proprietary.

Leo suggests avoiding paying extra for the touch bar. It's really not useful in Leo's opinion. He even traded his in and got the function key model.

Watch Richard from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Leo says that most browsers can enlarge the screen text to make it easier to read. In most browsers, pressing "Ctrl" and "+" will make the text bigger, while pressing "Ctrl" and "-" will make the text smaller.

As we get bigger screens, text seems to get smaller because a higher resolution means smaller dots. Richard can go into the Windows' Control Panel and change the resolution settings to make his display show everything larger. Windows 10 also has a slider that will make the fonts larger.

Leo recommends reading this article from Kevin Marks on How the Web Became Unreadable.

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Watch Lisa from Palo Alto, CA Comments

Lisa went to a website and she got a pop up notification that her computer was infected and to call an 800 number to Microsoft. Leo says not to ever call them -- just exit the popup and move on. It's not infected and those popups are designed to insnare users. It's called a phishing scam. Lisa did it anyway, though, and gave them control of a computer. Leo says that's bad news because she doesn't really know what the hacker's done. He can install viruses on her or turn it into a bot, a keystroke logger, and use remote access to turn on her camera. At this point, the only thing she can do is backup her data, wipe the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.

Watch Brent from Rochester, NY Comments

Brent called to congratulate Leo on his Webby nomination. You can vote on it at here.

Brent also wants to know the best way to make his screen darker to make it easier to read in Linux. Leo says that Gnome is what Leo uses. He likes to flip the window so it has dark backgrounds and white letters. That won't stop a website from changing it in his browser, though. He'll have to modify the style sheet in his browser to reflect that, and that's harder to do.

Chrome makes an extension called Dark Mode for Google. It can also change the style sheet for him. Firefox uses one called Stylish. He can also get it at

Watch Debbie from Calabasas, CA Comments

Christine has some old photos she wants to get off of old Zip disks. What can she do? Leo says that she can get an adapter that will allow her to plug a Zip drive into her computer. Or she can get a service to do it. She'll need to be careful because old Zip drives can actually damage the disks themselves. That's why it's wiser to have it done professionally. It's not that expensive. Another option is to just rescan the originals.

Image: KMJ at the German language Wikipedia [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Ed from North Carolina Comments

Ed would like to set up a delivery business where he can take orders online, but the ISPs where he lives are rather slow and unreliable. Leo advises looking into a business class account which offers a guarantee of good service. Leo also says he can get computers as his receivers and get a router that supports cellular bandwidth. That way he'll have a more reliable service with a cellular system.

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Watch Michele from Ohio Comments

Michele has an old OkiData laser printer. After updating to Windows 10, she's having trouble using it. She has to constantly reinstall the drivers for it to work. It's as if the computer forgets the drivers. Now, all she can print is a test page. Leo says that the test page is generated by the printer, not the computer, which is why she can print it. So there's clearly a communications issue. It may be a problem with how she's installing it. She shouldn't plug in the printer first. Instead, she should install the drivers first. Then, after she's done that, plug in the printer and turn it on. It should stick that way. If not, it may be time to get a new printer, and laser printers are pretty cheap now.

Michele should also be aware that Windows 10 is going to get a huge update this week, and it may gum up the works again. So it may be a good idea to hold off on that update. Although, it may actually fix her problem. But Leo recommends deferring the update for now anyway.

Watch Dave from Flint, MI Comments

Dave bought a five drive Synology NAS. He was having trouble with parity checking and so he had to go turn off services in order to get through it all. He should also use the Synology Connection System, which is a lot easier.

Dave was also getting a "not secure" message. Should he use Komodo? Leo says no. He should use Let's Encrypt instead. It's safer. The Synology also has a problem connecting with its own domain name, that's why he'll want to use the Synology Connection method. But even then, the certificate will fail from time to time, prompting Dave to have to reattach. That could be due to limitations of Let's Encrypt, though. If it's persisting, it's necessary to call Synology and have them examine his setup.

He should locally connect first to populate, otherwise it'll take months to populate.

Watch Rocky from Hawthorne, CA Comments

Rocky is looking to get a Dell 2-in-1 laptop/tablet. Is that a good buy? Leo says it's a great buy! But if she wants a better screen, she should get an XPS. It's more high end. She doesn't need an i7, so just stick with the i5. Leo also suggests avoiding Sony or Toshiba. Both are getting out of the laptop business. He says to look to Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and HP. They're in it for the long haul.

Can a 32 bit machine with 2GB hold a preview of Windows 7? Leo says it may run it, but it won't run well. The issue is the RAM.

Watch Irwin from The Bronx, NY Comments

Irwin's hard drive died, so he replaced it with a 3TB drive. But his computer can't see all of it. He's running Windows 10. Leo says it may be a hardware limitation of his computer that's preventing it from seeing all the hard drive. Leo advises waiting until Tuesday with the Windows 10 Creator's Update. It could fix the problem. He'll also want to be using UEFI to boot to it. If not, there are third party partition managers that can fix it.

Image By Evan-Amos (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch David from Boca Raton, FL Comments

David wants to know the difference between Windows 10, Windows 10 N, and Windows 10 Single Language. Leo says to get Windows 10. N is the European Union (EU) version, single language is the smaller version with only a single language supported. David wants the original Windows 10 edition.