Why can't I use Chromecast with the Linksys Velop mesh router?

Episode 1378 (2:05:47)

Albert from Las Vegas, NV
Google Chromecast

Albert bought a Linksys Velop Mesh Wi-Fi router, but it doesn't work with his Chromecast when trying to cast something from his Chrome browser on the desktop. His mobile devices do work, however. His Chromecast can get it on the network, but he can't see it from his desktop browser. Leo doesn't think there's a particular problem with the Velop and the Chromecast. If the computer and the Chromecast are on the same network, he should be able to cast to it.

The Chatroom says that it may be an issue with the band that his router is on. If the Velop is on a band that the Chromecast doesn't support, then it wouldn't see it. Albert should try turning on UPNP and make sure isolation is turned off. He should check out this tech note at support.google.com.