How can I sync both my computers without losing data?

Episode 1378 (1:26:02)

Angelo from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
File Sync

Angelo bought a Toshiba Laptop with Office 365 and One Drive backup in 2013. When he started to back it up to the cloud, he bought a second computer and now he's lost a lot of data because files were removed when syncing to the secondary computer. So it's deleting files off his original computer. Microsoft doesn't know what to do about it. Leo says that's a good reason to have more than one backup. One Drive is not a backup. It's a file sync system that matches two folders, or two hard drives to make them equal. That means syncing deletes as well as copying files.

Leo recommends using Carbonite for his backup. Leo also uses Synology network attached storage (NAS). It has versioning and will sync everything without deleting his backups. It's a central repository of data that is the same everywhere.

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