How can I save money and cut the cable?

Episode 1378 (32:27)

Gary from Laguna Nigel, CA
Vintage TV

Gary says that cable is getting way too expensive. Leo agrees, and he thinks that we're entering the world of ala carte viewing, where you can watch what you want and not pay for what you don't. It's possible to do that streaming over the internet.

SlingTV and Playstation Vue are the top two offerings, but YouTube just launched its own service in five cities. For $35 a month, you get all the major broadcasters plus a select number of cable channels, along with sports and news. That's really going to shake things up. If Gary is looking to cut the cord and replace his cable company, but still get live TV, these are the best options.

Gary's ISP isn't stupid though, and they'll likely raise the cost of his internet. Add a few premium services like Netflix or Amazon and he won't really be saving any money.