What password manager should I use?

Episode 1377 (14:14)

Brian from Fairview, TN

Brian has tried several password vaults and he finds them all inconvenient. His frustration is that using his mobile device doesn't always work so well. He ended up on LastPass. Is that a good choice? Leo says yes. It's the one he uses. 1Password is another one, and it has the advantage of being able to save the vault somewhere else. Brian could also look into DashLane, RoboForm, and the open source KeePass. There's a lot of them.

Recently, a serious flaw was found in the LastPass autofill function. LastPass suggests turning off the autofill function until they fix it. They suggest logging into LastPass and signing into your sites from there. Even with that, Leo says he still trusts LastPass and it'll get buttoned up again soon. Otherwise, he recommends 1Password. Lastly, don't use the password manager in the browser. It's unsafe and unlocked.