Could browser history be used to prove a student attended class?

Episode 1377 (1:49:21)

Deborah from California

Deborah knows that when you log into website, it gets logged somewhere. Leo says it's in the browser history. Deborah is wondering if her daughter could use that information to prove that she attended a class that her professor is claiming she was not there for. Leo says the browser history would only prove that she was on that specific site, which she could have been on from home. Deborah says that if it keeps track of when the site was refreshed, the timing of that refresh could prove that she was there. Leo recommends looking at the browser history, but she should do this sooner rather than later because it usually only keeps the data going back a few months.

Deborah says that if they can't prove her daughter attended this class, it would ultimately keep her out of med school for two years. Leo thinks this is a flimsy policy by the professor, and they should be able to appeal to a higher authority on this.

Another way to try and prove that she was in class would be to use her phone's location data.