Can I use my Google Fi phone on Verizon?

Episode 1377 (41:52)

Robert from Laguna Hills, CA
Google Pixel

Robert signed up for Google Fi and bought a new Google Pixel phone, but Google is having issues activating his account. Leo says that's disappointing, especially when they don't know what the problem is. Leo says it's a good system and Robert shouldn't give up on it yet.

Can he use it on Verizon until it does? Leo says yes. He should just ask them for a SIM and he'll be able to use it. It shouldn't add any software overlays, but it may download some apps. He'll be able to uninstall them, though.

Leo thinks the issue may be porting his original Verizon phone number. Robert also says that they are having issues with the payment method. So there's clearly some handshaking issues going on.