What would be the best first phone for my daughter?

Episode 1376 (2:02:36)

Dave from Orange County, CA
Apple iPhone SE

Dave's 10 year old daughter wants a phone. Leo says that kids are getting phones at younger ages all the time, but there's a great advantage to them having one. He can keep in contact with her and know where she is, but he'll also need to keep control over how much she uses it. They are addictive.

The iPhone SE is affordable, has a small screen, and is pretty powerful. What about a watch? Leo says it won't give her the functions she needs and she probably won't end up wearing it after awhile. Most kids get "hand me down" phones. He could get a used phone from Gazelle or eBay. He could also just get her a cheap feature phone, which she can call and text from, and if she loses it, it's no big deal. He also won't have to worry about data or the internet.

Android, such as the Motorola G4 has great parental control apps that can protect her and prevent her from doing stuff he doesn't want her to do.

How about insurance? Leo says the deductibles make them not worth very much. The best insurance is a really good case. But he should make sure he has a serious conversation with her about appropriate use.